Blog Post #10

My intended audience replied to my snapchat story with comments like “relatable lol” and “omg same”, which was the reaction I had expected to receive. Some of my friends that have met my little sister in the post even took a screenshot of my meme and posted it on their own story as well sharing it with their own friends. The friends that had reposted it on their story, changed my meme by adding text saying “Karina’s sister is me rn” to let their own audience know who the crying girl was. After posting my meme on my snapchat story, my sisters crying face reminded me of the famous meme of Kim Kardashian’s crying face. I think if I had put both side by side it would have gotten more comments because everyone is aware of that meme whereas not everyone knew who my little sister was. The Kim Kardashian crying would’ve added onto it overall and made it funnier.

Portfolio Feedback

At first, I did not know what to expect for a portfolio assignment since I’ve never turned in an assignment in this format, but overall I think it went well for me. It was fun and something different to do. The benefits of the portfolio work was to get a second chance to revise a project I was not satisfied with. For instance, doing the audio project on audacity was more difficult than I expected so when we got another chance to improve it we approached it with a different software. Also, I enjoyed reflecting on my passed blog posts and seeing how my knowledge of this course has expanded and grown. A drawback would be choosing which blog posts to revise. Although questions were provided to guide what was expected from each post, it was hard deciding what to add or remove from a post since we did not receive feedback on the blog posts like we did on the bigger projects. Portfolio work made me think about writing across media in the way that I was able to look back on how we expressed ourselves in this course from the GIF/emoji posts, textual posts, audio and graffiti.

In class writing 9/19

So far in class we’ve been discussing how graffiti can help one understand so much more based on an image. One image can reflect a stronger message than a passage of words. People have said that it is important to be exposed to this form of literacy than just solely based on textbook learning. After reading Ralph Cintron’s Angels’ Town, it changed the way I viewed graffiti among gangs. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, I saw these types of graffiti within gangs and associated it with not having any sort of meaning and was just trying to vandalize property. This reading explained how it is even a language only they can understand with the different symbols used and only those individuals involved or the rival gang can interpret what it is being communicated. When walking by those graffiti designs, I can now interpret what it really means after reading this article. Graffiti used for this purpose is negative whereas the content we composed in class was all positive or creative.

Blog Post #9

info303_memeI chose to create a meme that consisted of both an image and text, as well as “stickers” that is a feature available on Snapchat. I decided to go with this genre of meme because it best portrays the message I want my audience to receive since I’m able to cut and make my own stickers onto an image. The combination of the text, stickers, and images all tie together to get my point across.

It is that time of year where it gets hectic for college students and it becomes difficult to remain focused on schoolwork with the holidays approaching as well. Therefore, I took a picture while studying at the library and within the overall image, I included pictures of my younger sister crying hysterically because that’s how I feel on the inside about being on campus right now. I also included the sticker of the guy exhaustingly crawling since it is a good representation of how college students are using every little motivation left in them to get to the end of the semester. I also added the text, “#winterbreakwya” to emphasize the desire of wanting to be done with school. During fall break, students got a taste of the holiday season with Thanksgiving and are more than ready to be done with the semester. I chose to make the idea of being frustrated with school my subject matter/theme because many students can relate to the “done with school” feeling this time of the year.

My social media consists of other college students, so I wanted to target a concept that my audience can engage with and is relevant right now. I distributed my meme through snapchat by posting it on my story. I used this platform because it the one I mostly use daily and is more appropriate. For instance, I would not post this on Facebook where my family would not understand the content plus I would most likely hear it from my dad for making fun of my little sister. The goal of my meme was to get laughs out of my friends since we all can agree to feel this way.

In class writing 11/28

Affordances of maps as a genre are that the information could be better represented in visually and better be interpreted by the audience. By providing legends and titles, the audience can receive exactly what information the map is trying to tell. There is less room for creating different interpretations in maps and is pretty straightforward whereas in the graffiti unit, it was more on what the audience took away and was not as straightforward. This type of visual makes it easier to locate specific areas and see as a whole, if this type of information where to be represented in audio it would be difficult to follow through the places being mentioned. On the other hand, audio and graffiti can evoke emotion in the audience and in maps it is harder to create emotion since it is mainly numbers and information unless the context of the map was a sensitive subject matter, but even then there are better mediums to evoke emotion. Map and space correlate with one another because it depends on the creator how they take advantage of space. Maps consist of heavy data, so spreading it and visually making it less overwhelming makes the information easier to understand. With space, the audience has more control over what they choose to look at like specific locations. For this unit, I would suggest focus more on the readings and group discussions on the map projects like receiving feedback.

Rhetorical Map Proposal w/ Brittany

The subject matter that we are trying to address is diversity and the importance of its expansion throughout Chicago. We decided to focus on diversity and overall acceptance  because we wanted to do something we both felt was important and passionate about. As a minority, I feel it’s important to express how much we have expanded and continue to expand throughout Chicago. Therefore, our tentative argument is to show how different cultures are being accepted into society and not being discriminated against since they are continuing to grow. The medium we plan on using to compose this map is Prezi. We plan on creating several little maps to show how Chicago has become diverse through the years and how the city developed culturally in general. With Prezi, the smooth transition features available will make it easier to show the change within the years in Chicago and better presentation overall for our audience to understand, which is also an affordance. Other affordances would be that Prezi is a visual tool which would be better to understand how an area has developed rather than reading about it or listening to someone talk about it. Visuals gets the audience attention with this topic. For instance,  the Maps Library had a visual video of  Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War showing the casualties within the north and south states. Even though there was no sound to it, the constant movement of the numbers and the boarder lines of the states got one’s attention and was hard to look away incase anything was missed. We’ve all read about this topic in history classes, but the visual video worked better as a medium because it was more interesting than reading about it. Our intended audience are other minorities that want to expand and can see the benefits of expansion. It is important for minorities to want to branch out as well and not only to stay within their own culture. Our audience can also be tourists or chicagoans as well that want to learn more about the culture development within the city and can benefit from knowing the history in general. Problems we anticipate charting out is taking advantage of the tools offered in Prezi and to use them fully. We have not used Prezi in awhile, so figuring out the tricks at first will be hard but once we do research and play around with it we can get around this problem. Also, collecting enough data as far back in years that we want. We have yet to discuss how many years of change we want to include based on the information available to use.